DNOffer Domain Auction Draft Proposal - January 2016
Exclusive UK Domain Name Sale
A unique opportunity to purchase some of the very best unused UK domains

For sale to the highest bidder: bargains.co.uk

The domain name bargains.co.uk is a domain name from our extensive portfolio of essential UK e-commerce domains including a number of website addresses formerly operated under the LateRooms and Easycover group of companies. We have decided to offer them for sale. This domain has been in our possession since its first registration.

Bids can made from this page and the highest 3 bids will be displayed anonymously with a bidder ID and active date.

The sale once agreed will be processed by escrow.com at our expense, or by bank transfer depending on the value of the sale. We reserve the right to cancel the sale without notice (subject to escrow.com terms if the escrow process has been started).

If payment is not received promptly we will cancel the escrow process and sale and offer the name to the next highest bidder and so on.

We intend to run this sale for an unspecified period to give all interested parties chance to become aware of the sale. It is not a time limited auction, but a way for us to field multiple offers efficiently. We will sell it on a highest bid basis after we receive no further bids, or sooner at our discretion if we are satisfied and decide to accept the current highest bid.

All UK domains (.co.uk) include the rights to the .uk version.

Business references can be supplied. Thank you for your interest in bargains.co.uk and good luck!

Paul Walsh

©2016 Paul Walsh / ZusCom / CheapNames.com
Last updated - 11 Jan 2016

This website is currently in beta testing and subject to change.

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